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Free genealogy website

Do you want to publish your own family tree on the Internet?

A website with advanced options and full control over the layout and what can be? Does and not by whom viewed

But without all the technical hassle that comes with it? Then is: the solution!

There you can now apply for a subdomain, such At this address will be the Family Tree PHP program installed for you and this program is for you again and again with the latest software updates.

All you have to do yourself is your gedcom file and any pictures and the like import.

The hosting of this website is absolutely FREE and yet no limits in terms of server room or data.

Family Tree PHP is easy to use and has the following options:

* Multiple layout templates to choose from

* Multilingual

* You can publish multiple GEDCOMs simultaneously

* All possible as multimedia file formats can be uploaded and linked to your family tree

* Determines whether users must login to see something, which users can log in and what a particular user can and can not see (or not living people, extensive data or just names and dates, or not multimedia files, photos only reduced or also in original format, etc.)

* Users can post comments on the data

* Genealogies, pedigree charts, diagrams of relationships etc. can be performed for each person

* Optimized for search engines (eg Google) and indexed by so your family tree easily found

* Integrated weblog module

* And much more ...

How does it work?

You fill out the application form on You simply enter your email address and give up. Desired by you subdomain After receiving your request, the subdomain is created and installed. Then you will receive by email your login details sent and you can get started right away.

You can also it yourself installed Family Tree PHP on your own server.


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